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In 1994, Colin Campbell was an Assistant Coach for the New York Rangers.  The Rangers, behind Messier and Graves, won the Stanley Cup.

During that season, there was a 10 year old who spent all of his time in the locker room.  He’d watch practice.  He’d pay attention to all of the little things certain players did and how they carried themselves. That 10 year old was Gregory Campbell.

Adam Graves was integral in Greg’s “teaching”.  Adam would practice with Greg after the Rangers were finished practice.  Colin would bring Greg to the rink early where Graves would work with Greg before practice. Graves spent a lot of time teaching Greg how to tape sticks and letting him tape his sticks for practice.

All of those days Adam Graves spent with Greg before and after practices, letting Greg tape his sticks and all the little things… what a great role model Campbell had growing up (along with his father) and it’s obvious right now how much he learned.

And now… Gregory Campbell gets to hold the same Stanley Cup that his role model and mentor held in 1994.

I will probably never be able to put into words just how proud I am of Greg.  He’s had to deal with so much growing up with his father’s positions within the NHL.  He hears it from all directions and he continued to just keep working hard.  Showing up early, leaving late, putting in all the extra work needed to be successful.  I’m so happy he is a member of this team because he deserves the success.

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